Live Informed: July 2019

The Usman Group - July 10, 2019

"Be careful not to compromise what you want most for what you want now." - Zig Ziglar

Hope July's off to a great start for you. Now that the first half of the year is behind us, and that we in Toronto (and in Canada) have won the first NBA Title, and that Kawhi has finally made his decision to be closer to his home town, we can now move on with our lives and be excited about what the remainder of 2019 has in store for us. The quote above is from one of our favourite authors Zig Ziglar. In simple terms, the message is all about staying focused on our goals as opposed to getting distracted by instant gratification. When people ask us how the real estate market is doing, our response is usually pretty simple: "It depends on what your real estate goals are". Market could be anything what you want it to be. Figure out what you want most out of your real estate goals and let's have a chat to achieve those goals, be it short term, long term, or somewhere in between. 

Have a great rest of July!!

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