Live Informed: May 2019

The Usman Group - May 9, 2019

Hope May 2019 is off to a great start for you.  We're pretty glad that April showers are now hopefully out of the way and we'll see some warm weather over the coming days. May of course is one of our favourite months as it kicks off with Mother's Day, and here in the Greater Toronto area, we start to see some significant signs of Spring both in the natural world as well as in the Real Estate world. As usual, in this newsletter, we have a quick market update from April, a little bit of outlook and predictions for the rest of the year, a few interesting reads that we thought worth sharing, and finally some new listings and projects that we're currently involved with. While we always try to stay away from the sales'ee stuff in these communications, our readers continue to ask us on what new projects we're working on. So sharing some exciting ones launched recently or coming up.

Happy rest of May and look forward to connecting with you!!

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