Usman Mahmood

Usman Mahmood

When you meet Usman, you won't find a typical salesperson ready to sell you or buy you into real estate. Instead, you'll come across someone who is genuinely interested in knowing his clients. He's a firm believer that business is a bi-product of the relationships that we make on a day-to-day basis as opposed to the other way around. Having come from a marketing & management consulting background serving large global organizations, Usman is trained as an advisor who is meticulous in his approach and advice on real estate.

Over the last number of years, Usman has helped many clients buy, sell, and invest in the Greater Toronto real estate who've been able to capitalize on their investments. He diligently studies the trends and events that influence the micro and macro-markets, frequently writes in the local real estate publishings and blogs, and is always up for a candid discussion on life's many topics. He is an optimist by nature, a marketer and a transaction manager by heart, and an avid listener/reader of anything that has a positive message. He wakes up before the sun comes out... most of the days, tries to stay healthy, is a casual runner, and has a deep affinity for World music (classic rock, deep house, hip hop, qawalis, 70's Bollywood, you name it). Some of the Sports teams that get him off his feet are KC Chiefs, Toronto Raptors, and KU Basketball (Jayhawks). And his favourite city is none other than Toronto. 

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